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Urban Green Interiors is a full-service interior plant design and maintenance company, working on behalf of Mother Nature to introduce serenity in your urban spaces. We love the fact that plants inspire creativity, boost productivity, and cleanse the air. And Urban Green Interiors is here to help you through the process.  Our designs reflect our passion and affinity for adding lushness to interior spaces.
Whether you are looking to botanically style your home, enliven your workspaces or create a photo-worthy green installation, Urban Green Interiors will help you to achieve your plant style goals.

Breathing life into your spaces

let us help you go green

It’s not easy for city dwellers like us to get our hands on gorgeous indoor plants that complement our rooms. You need to hunt down the healthy and vibrant plants, source the perfect accompanying planter and then re-pot the plants and hope that they stay alive.

Fortunately, at Urban Green Interiors we love doing just that and we would be over the moon to take care of your urban botanical needs.

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breathing life into your spaces

Plant Styling

botanical interior design

At Urban Green Interiors, we’re passionate about getting creative with greenery. Plants enrich our spaces. They soften contemporary environments, creating lush sanctuaries that invigorate us and inspire us to reconnect with nature. Plants increase our quality of life.

With an eye for design and styling botanical interiors, we can greenify your space, whether it is small or large.


more than pretty

There is no denying the leafy green goodness of indoor plants. When we have the presence of plant life in our spaces, we can breathe easy… Literally! Having greenery around your home will purify the air and keep it as fresh as a daisy.

And no one can argue that a houseplant or two will brighten up any room!

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